17 – Why Do My Relationships Fail? w Paul Colaianni

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Have you ever been in a relationship that failed and been left with feelings of hurt, anger, frustration or wondered Why? I know I sure have, and so has Paul Colaianni. We talk about subconscious behaviors that can sabotage our relationships.

Find out how you can improve the quality of your relationships with Personal Development Coach Paul Colaianni. In this episode, he shares his own personal failures and how he used them to his advantage by asking this question; “If I was the problem in this relationship? What could it be?”
Find Paul at http://theoverwhelmedbrain.com/ https://twitter.com/paulcolabrain

About the author, Gina

When I was 34 years old I had a heart attack and was diagnosed with a lifelong heart condition. After losing my job, I became determined and passionate about creating a resource for anyone wishing to overcome a big obstacle. With God's help and plan I made the Synergy Mindset Podcast and now offer workshops to Businesses, Non-Profits, and Ministries combining my passion for faith, Positive Psychology, and coaching to help them to have great self-care, vision, and VICTORIOUS Personal and Professional Development.