25 – From Jail to Teaching Street Kids Chess

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He was raised in two parent home with good morals and values yet slipped into the street culture and made some poor choices in his early years. Eugene ended up in prison and found his passion, chess.

The “Chess Man”, in prison told him he would always be a loser if he didn’t accept responsibility for his own actions. He told him, “you are the king, you’re responsible for every rule that is made on your side of the board, stop blaming people. Until you accept your kingship you are always going to be in and out of prison.”

These were the seeds that were planted and a paradigm shift happened. Today Eugene is the father of an inner-city chess club that helps children stay off the streets and make wise decisions.

His story was made into a movie, Life of a King, starring Cuba Gooding Jr. Hear the story and all the details here!


Eugine’s website http://www.bigchairchessclub.org/index.htm
Email xsolo3@comcast.net
Phone: 202.396.1780
Speaking: http://www.chessmaneugenebrown.com/

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