A Second Chance Podcast

A New Business Has Launched

A Second Chance Podcast listeners are invited to join us in our new community. After four years of sharing inspiring stories, Gina has started Synergy Mindset Coaching.  The business has launched and will continue to share real-life Second Chance Stories. We will provide additional podcast episodes to help you achieve the mindset to succeed on your healing journey in your personal and professional life.  To enter the new website just click here: synergymindsetcoaching.com


Or click home and you will enter the new website. Thank you for being a part of the original community.

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A Second Chance Interview Flow

What makes a great Second Chance interview? Effectively telling your story combined with solid audio quality. The Logitech Clearchat is the minimum quality required for my guests. A Second Chance Interview Flow

ASC Interview Flow

  1. Intro
  • I will share a short bio about you and then turn it over to you to fill in the gaps and provide a glimpse into your personal life.
  • Tell us what your life looks like today: family, career, hobbies all the good stuff.
  1. Your Second Chance Story
  • Take us to the moment in time that you would consider the worst moment of your second chance story and tell us the STORY. We’ll share what you learned.
  1. The Turn Around Point
  • Take us to the moment in time of an incredible turnaround point you’ve experienced and tell us the STORY. We’ll explore the steps you took or the faith you used to walk your journey.
  1. A Closer Look
  • What about you changed the most from this experience?
  • What wisdom would you share you gained?
  • Share one of your personal habits that contributed to overcoming this.
  • Share a resource, like a podcast or a book, that you couldn’t have made it without.
  1. What is the one thing you are most passionate about today?


  1. Grand Finale
  • Tell us what this means to you, Every day is a second chance to ______________________.
  • We’ll end with you sharing a parting piece of guidance and the best way we can connect with you. This is the place to share your gift with A Second Chance if you have one :-). Free audiobook, voice recording exctra.

I will call you via Skype at the appointed time: Skype: gina@everydayisasecondchance.com This is an audio-only interview.

Our typical listener is trying to figure out how to overcome something difficult, an illness, trauma, or accident and needs to hear your second chance story to find inspiration to take the next step. My passion is that the Second Chance listeners are encouraged by your story and find the courage to make it through their journey.

Please send me your social media links as well as your Skype ID so I may share this episode with as many people as possible. Feel free to share it with anyone you wish, help spread the inspiration.

Website, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

And a photo that you are happy to use for promotional material (300x300 at least)

 I look forward to our interview

Gina Johnson

 Host of A Second Chance Podcast                                                                                                        everydayisasecondchance.com

Recording: By participating in, A Second Chance interview, you agree to allow Gina Johnson to record, distribute, and disseminate the podcast in any manner. You also agree to allow Gina to retain rights to the produced media for potential future use in speeches, books, and in all other public distribution. All work will always be credited to you and linked to the website.

Do you have a  love Jesus, God or feel led to share about The Holy Spirit? You are welcome here, to share how it has helped along your journey, a piece of scripture or anything that you feel led to share if it is in a positive way that helps others.

You can download a PDF here A Second Chance Interview Flow