16 – Our Scars are Places of Healing with Matt Ham of Redefine RICH

What does Rich mean to you and why should you take the time to think about it?

“For so long, I felt like I was failing in life because I never had a lot of money. Rich to me was how many dollars you had, what you owned and what you gave your kids.”

Redefine Rich shares with us that there are many ways to feel rich. I began to see the gifts in having children to love, guide through life  and play with. The richness in having a husband that supports my own personal growth and journey, a mom that loves me and supports me as well as true friends makes me feel full of richness.

What is being rich for you? I hope you get as much out of this interview as I did. I sure hope you find richness in your life today, and believe that you can achieve your dreams.

Meet Matt Ham, author of Redefine Rich.


Matt is a family man passionate about his wife and three children. Secondly, he is an insurance agent and had experienced great success in his day job.

Then he felt a calling to write a book.

He tells us a story about how his aunt was terminally ill, and while in the hospital the nurse helped her. They exchanged words and the nurse said, “You make my life rich.”

Matt knew this deeply touched him and later on it helped shape his book. He knew why he needed to write the book, but didn’t know how. He feels her legacy is being carried on through this book.

He shares a story about his Aunt Trish, I fell in love with her and if had been her time to stay, I would have loved to share her story with you. Thankfully Mat shares a few pieces with us of her life.

She had a Disney mentality. Every movie has a similar story. There is always a tragedy that ends in victory and triumph.  Aunt Trish had been diagnosed with Cancer a few weeks before Christmas, and still hosted a big party. She ran around being cheery and passing out eggnog.

“Rather than seeing our scars as places of brokenness we need to see them as places of healing.”

How can you invest in others when you feel you have nothing to give?

Matt told us without a moment’s hesitation, there are many ways. Here are a few that you can start today

  1. Smile at people
  2. Hold doors for people
  3. Hold a door and smile at someone!!!


If you would like to learn more about how you can have more richness in your life, you can buy the book and the link will be below for you.  If you can not afford to purchase a copy now but would like to read his book, I would be happy to share my copy with you. Just send me a message at gina@synergymindsetcoaching.com  or let me know in the comments below, please.





About the author, Gina

When I was 34 years old I had a heart attack and was diagnosed with a lifelong heart condition. After losing my job, I became determined and passionate about creating a resource for anyone wishing to overcome a big obstacle. With God's help and plan I made the Synergy Mindset Podcast and now offer workshops to Businesses, Non-Profits, and Ministries combining my passion for faith, Positive Psychology, and coaching to help them to have great self-care, vision, and VICTORIOUS Personal and Professional Development.