Miracle Of Mindset On The Hudson With Dave Sanderson

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No one survives a plane crash…. this is what Dave thought as the plane went down and he watched out the window to see when his last seconds would be.
Dave heard his mom say, “If you do the right thing God will take care of you”. His mom had passed away in 1997 but he heard her say this and that’s why he waited in the back of the plane to make sure everyone else got out. Once he knew everyone was off the plane he got off himself.
Why do some people get PTSD and others experience Post-Traumatic Growth? Dave was asked this question and he has been really looking into this. He will be giving a TED talk called Jolt and sharing how you can use your own personal experience to go up. The movie shows quite vividly what PTSD looks like as the Capitan of the plane would see troubling images over and over again.
Dave’s website: http://davesandersonspeaks.com/
Dave’s facebook page https://www.facebook.com/DaveSandersonSpeaks/
Dave on twitter https://twitter.com/DaveSanderson2
His Linkedin where he does his training https://www.linkedin.com/in/davesandersonspeaks

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