Daily Coaching Share: Fun and Laughter

Laughter is said to improve health, get blood flowing, lower blood pressure and stress hormones, protect from disease and a whole lot more. Today’s coaching share is about fun and laughter.

What got me thinking about this was when I noticed that McDonald’s has decided to retire Ronald McDonald. My memories of being a kid were a lot of fun and I was sad to hear this. They are taking on a more passive look and said that today is a time that mascots are outdated. Doctors signed a petition to get him out due to childhood obesity and that is unfortunate. I am still sad to see him and all the fun characters go.

James Altucher is the co-owner of a club in NY and posted something that caught my attention on Instagram. He said, ” Not getting paid is definitely not funny, but we’ll keep you laughing in the meantime. NY is opening its door to federal workers. You can get your free laugh pass by emailing laughpass@standupny.com”

My friend Gloria of Mindful Quest Counselling shared with me about the benefits of intentional laughter. She said that she and her kids would laugh every day in the car and I asked her how that is possible when you are not having fun? She shared that you can laugh despite the situation and that it adds happiness. It was very uncomfortable for me at first, and like any habit you build, now comes naturally.

Todays Mindset Piece and Challenge:

What holds you back from laughing? How can you add more intentional fun and laughter into your life?



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  • Photo by Candice Picard on Unsplash

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