Daily Coaching Share: Community

Today’s daily coaching share is about the power of community.

The Challenge:

What do you have to offer that can help someone in your community? Get out there and join in to be a part of your community if you are not already.

Recently I went on a quest to find a church that provided a small church environment to best suit my child’s needs. It was hard to leave the friends I had grown to know so well and I found myself having to work to create new ones.

Some of the things that helped me were being able to say hi to people and tell them I am new. I offered to be of service where I could be and always looked for ways to add a smile to someone’s day.

It didn’t take too long for my son to comment that it didn’t feel new anymore. ‘Today, our Pastor talked about the value of being a part of a community. Dr. Caroline Leaf also talks about the value of community and quoting her book, Think, Learn, Succeed, she tells us that research shows, “when we reach out to others in a supportive way, we increase our own healing by a factor of 63 percent. p92

When I had a heart attack, I was in the hospital for 5 days and it felt like an eternity. A life coach reached out to me and offered me coaching. She required me to give an hour for each hour I received.

Since I had driven a bus for nearly a decade and has my license suspended from having a heart attack, I struggled to find something I was qualified for. I ended up visiting people in the hospital and ended up doing it for three years. I had not known that giving was such a healing benefit, yet I enjoyed it so much that I vowed to give for the rest of my life.


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About the author, Gina

Gina interviews experts and people that have overcome great obstacles by sharing their inspiring stories and strategies to help people with their own personal and professional growth.
After overcoming a heart attack in her 30's she became a certified coach and works with Woman, Non-Profits and serves in her community.