How do we make a decision?

We all have big decisions to make and today I encourage you to make conscious decisons. This is the process I followed when making the decision to homeschool my son. I used some great articles that you can see below if you would like to learn more about this. One thing to watch for is the Confirmation bias, where we search for decisions based on our beliefs and values.

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The steps:

  1. Identify the decison
  2. Acknowledge the emotions involved, if needed, allow time and space before deciding.
  3. Bring in curiousity, ask yourself questions or have someone that will not tell you what to do interview you about it.
  4. Find the facts: research, google, read, call a friend or someone that has relevent experience.
  5. I pray and seek God’s will, this can be #1 or any part of the process.
  6. Check in with your gut, what does your intuition tell you?
  7. Pros and Cons, what are they? Write them down.
  8. Make a choice, a conscience choice and commit. You can re evaluate and it will help you to make decisions next time.



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