Daily Coaching Share: Moms Self Compassion

This one is for Mom’s today. I do have some amazing single Dad friends, sorry if I left you out 🙂

As I stand at my messy kitchen, I realize that most Mom’s feel guilty a lot of the time because they can’t achieve everything in one day that they try to. We offer more compassion to our family pet than we do to ourselves.

Is this you? Today the only exercise I am sharing is to practice kindness and self-compassion for you. Know it is ok, if it doesn’t all get done all of the time.

If you would like an exercise today, consider getting everything that is stuck in your head on paper. Two ways I lover are:

  1. Mind Map – write everything down in a bubble and connect it all together as you go.

2. Write them all down, the entire list of thoughts. Here is a post on how to organize them if you would like.





About the author, Gina

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After overcoming a heart attack in her 30's she became a certified coach and works with Woman, Non-Profits and serves in her community.