Daily Coaching Share: Music

Welcome to day 6 or the Daily Coaching Share. Today we are talking about the benefits of listening to music and Worship.

What is the difference between music and worship? Do you think worship music can be incorporated into your daily playlist?


Make a playlist of music for 2019 or edit the one you have to reflect your needs this year.

Dagny of Atlas Shrugged loved music so much that she would look forward to going home to listen to it on her record player. How wondrous is it that today, we have music on our phone, easily accessible anytime anyplace.

Music can calm our emotions, soothe our soul, spark excitement, make a run that feels too long just right and makes the most tedious jobs fun. You can dance while doing the dishes, laundry or play it silently in the background as you study or work.

Some benefits of listening to music and our health are: a happier mindset, decrease in pain and anxiety, benefits to our physical and mental health in many ways and it decreases cortisol levels.

Some recommended music for tasks, as written by Aja Frost are:

  • For repetitive tasks, upbeat music.
  • Immersive tasks, instrumental music.
  • Before you tackle something stressful, A highlight reel.

Today I went to worship at church and Pastor Terry spoke something I would like to share. He said, “Unified worship opens the windows to heaven and closes the gates to hell.”

We worship for God and I believe we can worship God beyond the church. I have a playlist of worship music that I listen to if not daily, often. It is my highlight reel, running music and worship time music. What do you think, is there a difference between music and worship?


  • Psalm 108:1 (NIV) My heart, O God, is steadfast; I will sing and make music with all my soul.



About the author, Gina

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