Daily Coaching Share: Values

“These core values, they’re hard-wired in us. Not who we want to be, they are who we are in our life right now.” -John Ramstead of Eternal Leadership

Values act as a compass to navigate us through life. They help us make decisions and are in us as a part of who we are. 


Today’s exercise is to select your top 5 values and write them down. If you would like to take it one step farther, write down what each one means to you and how you feel you are using it now. Each day you can notice if you are living by your values and how you can make small changes to be using them fully each day. (James Clear has a great list on his website if you need a hand choosing yours. John Ramstead has a free guide to help you get started, the links are listed below.)

When I had a heart attack now almost 5 years ago this was one of the first exercises my coach Valerie Groth gave me. She had reached out to me in the hospital and offered me some coaching. When I sat down to choose my values I was very surprised at how far away from living them out each day I was.

My employer did not require the values that were important to me and I would get into trouble for using them. In my relationships, we didn’t share the same values and were not even aware that we were having value conflicts.

Once I was able to live with my values, my anxiety and frustration decreased, I was able to be more decisive in making decisions and I was able to make friends that have shared values with me.

When our values are not honored, we feel anger and most always pain.

Shout Out: Valerie Groth was the first person to help and her kindness has taken me to great places. She gives hope to everyone around her and has opened The Ryan Banks Academy. They are preparing motivated students from Chicago neighborhoods to graduate from college, enter into meaningful careers, and be the catalyst to bring positive change into their communities. Join us as we transform urban education!


There is not one single scripture that covers values yet so many great stories that demonstrate values. Ruth is a story of a woman that has lost her husband, son’s and is willing to send her daughter in laws back to their Mothers. Although customary in those times, I feel like it demonstrates Ruth’s value of honesty. She didn’t put herself first or look at how her stepdaughter could help her, she sent her back to her Mom.

Naomi didn’t go back to her Mom, and when Ruth could see that she had made a decision, she allowed her to come with her. What do you think, is there a bible verse that speaks to you or a story that demonstrates values?



John Ramstead | Discover Your Core Values

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