Something to Live for with Rob Decker

How do you free yourself from the struggles and pains that started in the generations before you were born? What happens when a parent is not equipped with everything they need to parent well, and they are not able to learn the skills necessary? Our guest today shares his story of a difficult and dark start to life, followed by struggle nearly ending with suicide. He takes us on his journey where he found God, hope and healing. We will hear how he found forgiveness, love and freed himself from the chains of addiction and anger. Today Rob shares: How to Rebuild Your Life After Trying To Take It & Find Hope And Healing In Jesus.
Rob Decker: Husband, Father, Personal Fitness Trainer, Health Coach, Best Selling Author, Speaker. Rob has a beautiful wife that he has been married to for 5 years and a son with a baby on the way. He is sharing a difficult testimony to give others hope. Fitness and faith are a cornerstone for him today. Rob’s Testimony starts with his Mom. She had a difficult childhood that included: rape, abuse and neglect. She was thrown from foster home to foster home and was encouraged to have an abortion when she became pregnant with Rob. Being against abortion, she married the man that Rob knew as his Dad. Rob found out a little later that this man was not his Dad and was not allowed to use his last name. This created separation, strife and division between Rob and his sister. This man, referred to as his father, was an x military fighter in the military and his parenting style conflicted with his Mom’s. Rob witnessed a lot of violence, drug use and darkness. By the time he was a teenager, his Dad had left his Mom and everyone he loved was on Meth. This is an inspiring story and you won’t want to miss all of the details, you can listen on the Podcast: Here At the young age of 14 or 15 Rob began his journey of using and drinking. He experienced:
  • Being in a dozen fights
  • Having a shotgun pulled on him
  • Getting very verbal with people
  • Being evicted from his house
In Rob’s 20 he experienced a chain of bad relationships. If a relationship was good he sabotaged it himself. He met a man that preached about Jesus Christ and he was not yet open to hearing about him. In total survivor mode, Rob made poor choices that included selling drugs and becoming involved in a dangerous and destructive relationship. Rob was working out and at that time was the only positive thing he had done with his time. In the pain of another relationship ending, he accepted the offer to attend a bible study and accepted the Salvation offered through Jesus Christ. A Dark Night After his new found faith he ended up with the girl he had ended the relationship with. In a heated argument, he went downstairs and fell asleep. Rob woke to the Police banging on the door and she told him that she told the police he had raped and beat her. Rob’s emotions became too much to handle and he jumped out of the third story window. On the way down, his foot clipped an awning and changed the direction of his fall. Instead of dying, Rob found himself looking up, unable to move in a tremendous amount of pain. At this moment, Rob asked God why he let him live? His plan had not gone the way he had expected. In excruciating pain, Rob was arrested for rape and put under 24-hour surveillance. The officer told him he was a bad person right before she showed up at the hospital. Conversation With God After she was shown out of the hospital Rob had a conversation with God. He asked what was going to happen? In the moment of conversation, he was given great peace. He heard a voice that told him the charges would be dropped, the bills paid and that he would walk again. Rob dosed off into a dream of playing soccer. He woke up and the light, sounds and pain was all back. The charges were dropped and he was allowed to have guests. You can hear the whole story on the Podcast interview: Here What We Learn:
  • How his Mom responded when she visited
  • How he walked again
  • The forgiveness he found for others
  • Building a relationship with his Mom
  • Receiving a bill for $800K+.
Faith In Action While Rob was healing some Christian brothers from church picked him up and brought him to church back brace and all. He was broken and beaten and kept turning to God. Living with his Mom was not working as she was taking his pain meds and he ended up staying with friends. Rob went for long walks, read his bible and prayed a lot. He knew that God didn’t want him to continue to live off of Disability and despite the immense pain, he continued taking steps to heal For a couple of years, Rob lived out of a garage. He had been a Personal Trainer prior to the accident took a job at a gym for a short time. He was asked to train his bosses roommate and she became his wife. Quitting Drinking Rob’s wife was a big part of his ability to quit drinking. With God’s help and a nine-month battle, Rob quit drinking. Not before making a big mistake. Rob drove under the influence of alcohol and crashed her car. In the moments of difficulty, Rob negotiated with God and asked for his help. He agreed to move with her, marry her and quit drinking. God basically bailed Rob out of the situation and he quit drinking. What is amazing, he had no desire to drink again. They moved out to Colorado Springs and started a family. God opened some amazing doors for Rob and he began doing work that really helped people spiritually and emotionally. Faith and Fitness Rob brought his experience healing from a life of trauma and difficulty and his love of fitness together. He is now able to have deep conversations with people while helping them to strengthen their physical bodies at the same time. His wife and himself are creating a ministry in their garage. It is a place where people can feel safe to share their past and find forgiveness, fellowship and support. Rob can help them to :
  • Get off of drugs
  • Pray
  • Talk about God
  • Experience Fellowship
  • Do Pushups and Prayer
  • Do Jumping Jacks and Jesus
  • Find Faith, family and Fitness.
The whole interview is available for you to listen to 24/7
Favourite Book: The Holy Bible Links:

Overcoming Leukaemia During Pregnancy with Jan Pratico

Jan’s  Second Chance Story

Imagine finding out you have Leukaemia when you are still under 30, not only with a three-year-old but while pregnant. The fear, the worry, the what iffs’ yet Jan shares a story that is positive, uplifting and offers hope and inspiration to realize that Cancer is the beginning and not the end. You can listen to the Podcast interview: Here 

Her Second Chance Story

Jan found out she had Leukaemia while she was pregnant and was more concerned about her son than her own health. She went to the doctors’ office for a test for Rubella and the doctor called her the next day and told her they needed to see her right away.

She went to the doctor worried that he would tell her she had a miscarriage because she had one eight months prior. He came in looking like he had lost his best friend, and with tears in his eyes told her they thought she had Leukaemia.

Jan didn’t know what it was and had thought that they were telling her that her baby had Leukaemia. As she began to realize what it meant, she asked him if he was telling her she was going to die and his answer was, “not necessarily”!

This was not very comforting to her. He checked out the baby and told her it was healthy. At this time, there were no cell phones so she went to find a payphone and called her husband. She told him that she had good news and bad news, the good being the baby was fine and the bad,  she may have Leukaemia.

Can you imagine how long that weekend must have been, waiting to see the specialist?

She took the weekend off and went home. Although she tried to act as normal as possible, her thoughts went to what iff’s and she decided she was going to make it through.

She went to the doctor and then the specialist a couple of days later. He confirmed that she had Leukaemia and very coldly, went over her options. He felt the odds were against her and recommended she have an abortion and gave her two weeks to make a decision.

Jan was a strong and courageous young woman and stuck with her belief that she would give birth to a healthy baby. Although the doctor didn’t give her any hope or encouragement she found a way to find it herself. He did a bone marrow aspiration without pain medicine due to the pregnancy. He had told her there was no possibility of having a bone marrow transplant and would need extensive chemotherapy.

She came back two weeks later and he looked at her chart with a grim look on his face and told her she had the terrible, horrible type of Leukaemia. She was 1,000 away from having Acute Leukaemia. He asked her again if she decided about having the baby and she told him she was keeping the baby.

The specialist had a connection to a doctor at Vancouver General Hospital that was a woman and also pregnant that may be able to help her. God is good!

She went home that day and although she was not a religious person, she went on her hands and knees and prayed to God. She tells us she didn’t believe before this but believes that  “There are no Atheists in a foxhole”.  She prayed to God on her knees and said that if there is a God please help her and she promised to help other people with Cancer.

God listened to her and n the way to the doctor she saw a semi truck with a message on the sign that said Cancer can be beaten and she thought, oh my God, that is my sign.

The Turn Around Point

The doctor at Vancouver General Hospital worked with her and she also saw an Oncologist. Her white blood cell count went down every three weeks. Without any treatment, she kept getting better and the Oncologist couldn’t believe it. Jan ended up with diabetes during her pregnancy and her doctor was so worried, Jan kept the mentality she was going to make it and make it she did! Her son was born 7 lbs 8 oz, a perfectly healthy baby boy!! Her white blood cell count had gone down to 15, 000 and she had been positive that they had made a mistake. Jan was positive that everything was ok so when they told her they had to work on her Cancer she felt as if she was kicked by a horse.


She looked at another woman in the hospital that had a baby that was born premature and didn’t know if it would make it. Through tears, she made the decision that she would not feel sorry for herself and that was the last time she did.

Jan began treatment for her Cancer and defied the odds. The first treatment was over in only 5 1/2 weeks as opposed to the 8 weeks that they predicted. Two weeks later she had to go back for treatment for Graft-vs-host disease and the doctor told her to count on two weeks. Jan was out in one week to the day!

She had one more week to spend in the hospital and has not been back since.

One year later Jan kept her promise to God and seen 11 patients. Only one passed away and it was not actually from Cancer.

Jan shared the skills of mental imagery, positive thinking and others heard of her. She was approached by others and asked to help and she witnessed others going into remission because of the skill set they embraced.

A Closer Look

What about you changed the most?

Jan is writing a book called, The Gift Called Cancer. She quit worrying about stupid trivial things and she is grateful for each day that she is alive. She believed in God now and that there is a purpose for her life now. She doesn’t take anything for granted now.

What wisdom have you gained?

  • There is something higher than myself
  • Life is short and you got to make the best of it
  • Positivity
  • Not to care if people don’t like you
  • Family and Friends are what matters most


  • Positive imagery
  • Positive thinking
  • Faith and Truly Believing

One Resources That Helped You Out

There were not any, her Dad did tell her the story of the man walking down the street feeling sorry for himself because he didn’t have any shoes until he saw the man who didn’t have any feet.

What is one thing you are most passionate about today?

  • Decorating her home
  • Her family

Every day is a second chance to talk to people, give them hope, Cancer is just a word ….. if you have gone through it you have gotten a gift and you can really appreciate life.

The book she is writing is, A Gift Called Cancer and you can contact her if you need an uplifting, someone to give you hope and inspiration. You can reach her through her son at AP Photography in the link just below.


Cerebral Palsy Warrior with Heather Hancock

Heather was born premature and with Cerebral palsy. She was the first handicapped child mainstreamed into Calgary, Alberta’s public school system and subjected to many years of bullying and abuse. At the age of two, her parents were told that she was to be put into an institution because she would never amount to anything. She is on this show sharing her story because they were very wrong.

She had to overcome the damage that was done and when Heather was only 14 years old she was suicidal and had made a plan.

She tells us God had a plan that was greater for her and that she experienced his love and realized this at an event she attended.

Her dream of becoming a nurse couldn’t be due to the physical pain and limitations that CP caused her and she shares a story that includes multiple mindset shifts coupled with the will to go on despite challenges.

In this inspiring interview, she shares her journey to becoming a Christian Inner Healing Coach. She helps Woman overcome deep, deep wounds by shifting their mindset to come into alignment with God’s mindset.

Favorite Book

Favorite Podcast

Lisa Bevere’s I Am Adamant

Scripture Mentioned James 1:2-4

2Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters,1:2 The Greek word for brothers and sisters (adelphoi) refers here to believers, both men and women, as part of God’s family; also in verses 16 and 19; and in 2:1, 5, 14; 3:10, 12; 4:11; 5:7, 9, 10, 12, 19.whenever you face trials of many kinds, 3because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. 4Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.

Psalm 139:13-14

13 For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful, I know that full well.


Dilemma Mike The Fort Leavenworth Story

The Fort Leavenworth Story

Mike served his country, was a responsible and respectable member of society until one night he made a choice that changed his life forever.  He was offered a pill; that happened to be ecstasy. He took it and his whole life changed as he knew it.

David Mike shares his story about his life before and after his visit at Fort Leavenworth.   He served his country, fell into drugs and became a drug dealer. At one point, he could see his own car on the street, outside of his prison window.

Since prison, he has become a Husband, Father, Cosmetology instructor and blogger. His story inspires forgiveness, self-love and sends a message that everyone deserves a second chance.

 He heard a broadcast while being transferred prisons,  that helped him embrace faith and was able to let go of everything and forgive himself.

“If you don’t forgive your self it will be hard to accept the forgiveness of others.”

 We talk about how he got into cosmetology and then started a family. He shares the secret, about what a hairdresser really does!! David shares his evolution of writing and how he has been sharing his story. You can hear the whole interview on the Podcast: Here 





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Jordan Agolli Life Threatening Car Accident

Our guest today is here to share his story of being in a car accident at the age of only 17. It is a tale of miracles, divine intervention, and inspiration for anyone experiencing difficulty in life.

Religious Beliefs 

Jordan was raised in a Christian family. went to Christian school and church every Sunday. The accident did not have any bearing on his religious beliefs. He did begin to question them around 17 years old. Today he is searching what it is he finds to be true but labels himself as agnostic when people ask.

Near-Death Experience

Jordan’s brother was driving down a regular 2 lane road in Georgia. Jordan was a passenger and egging his brother to go faster. They came to a yellow light and tried to stop, causing the breaks to lock.

They skidded and hit a car making a right hand turn onto the street, and hit the back going 50- 60 mph. Thankfully there were no passengers in the car.

They hit a tree and it stopped the car. They were wearing their seatbelts, and that was what saved them from being thrown from the car.

No one was seriously injured. Jordan may have broken a rib, they had bruising and the other driver had a mild neck injury.

After Effects and Inside the Experience

Jordan saw a massive white flash, which may have been the airbag. They heard a hissing sound in the engine and thought it may blow up.  It was hard to get out because the car was facing 90 degrees downward.

Jordan laid on the sidewalk, it was about 10:30 at night. They saw a man come from nowhere and asked if everyone was OK, and told him he called the police. Then he disappeared. In 5 seconds he came and disappeared.  Jordan’s brother said it may have been an angel.

 Moving On

Jordan was scared to get into a car for a while. He was disappointed for doing something so stupid, and I am thankful he is so honest in sharing this as it may help others avoid this situation.

He tried to put it out of his mind, so he could drive and move past it. It had an impact on him, he told me,

“we have one life and one opportunity to live, and it can be taken from us in one instance. We need to live life each day intentionally and passionately, and realize this may be the last time we get to do whatever we are doing.”

His Dad took his brother driving that next day, so he could get past that fear.

This experience helped Jordan conquer his fears and be able to get past fear when it comes.  There was fear to start a podcast Jordan pushed past, thankfully as

Teenage Entrepreneur inspired me to start a podcast!



Miracle Boy Falls From Train Trestle and Survives

Joel shares such an impactful and moving story, that I found myself tearing up during the interview a few times. Tissue alert, he was only 5 years old when he slipped from a train trestle and somehow escaped death. Joel was truly given a second chance at life and how grateful am I. Today he helps thousands of people Relaunch their life with confidence.

Joel’s Life Today

 Joel and his wife co-host together Relaunch. They do daily shows throughout the week. They bring in the hottest and in-demand authors. They share inspiring ideas and practical steps to help people set themselves up and get ready for their own relaunch. 


Near-Death Experience

Joel Boggess Amazing Story

Joel’s parents separated when he was 3 years old. He lived with his mom and spent weekends and holidays with his dad.

When he was 5, his dad took him hiking in the Texas hill country. He wandered off with the other kids and started their own hike. They climbed to the top of a cliff and found a bridge.

At 5, the bridge represented a jungle gym. He walked to the middle of the bridge with the other kids. They laid down on their stomachs and called to their dad’s below.

Joel doesn’t remember, but the bridge started shaking and a whistle sounded. It was a train trestle. The train has screeched to a halt, and Joel was nowhere to be found.

He was laying in a pile of his own blood on the jagged rocks on the bottom. Through heroic and divine intervention, they were able to get him to the hospital.


I asked him if this experience had any impact on his religious beliefs later?

Yes, he tells me, he knows it was divine intervention that he survived. He had three skull fractures, he is very comfortable knowing that.

He had a Christian upbringing and fell away for a while after. He drifted away like a lot of teenagers and young adults sometimes do. He found his way back to church and renewed his relationship with Christ and with God.

He invited his dad to go back with him, and he accepted his invitation. It was another chapter in the bond and growing.

Joel Boggess
Joel Boggess

After Effects and Inside the Experience

He lost so much blood his veins collapsed, they couldn’t start a vein.  Joel was in a coma for 3 weeks, during his 6th birthday. He was in hospital for about 6 weeks.

When he woke up his family was there and he started talking. It was a tremendous occasion because the doctors had told his family he was done for.

His family was there the whole time. His mom, every minute that she could be. His dad had just started a brand new job, and was trying to support and rebuild, and kept it. They worked out a wonderful system so that someone was always there, his mom, dad, and grandparents.

Joel is not sure if he really remembers or not, but there was a lot of love, prayers, and people who came. There is a list of people who donated blood, goes on and on. He needed a lot of blood and it was in short supply.

Joel wrote a book that shares this experience called, “Finding your voice.”

When he was 6, his parents were distraught, no money, living off food stamps and 100 dollar a month gift from a family member. His mom was working to get her nursing certification when his accident happened.

Joel didn’t have life insurance at 5. The medical bills were astronomical. There were so many specialists, hospital bills, on and on and on.

The recovery was amazing. He remembers bits and pieces of it. Doctors were completely surprised at the bounce back that this poor little kid made, that was carrying the black ink of a death sentence.

 Moving On

Joel’s wife Pei, of 13 years, told him that because the doctors put in the reports that he wouldn’t be normal, and couldn’t do this or that, it motivated him to prove everyone wrong!! He thought about it and said she is right!

Today he is determined and persistent in everything he does, not just to get by but to kill it!! His book was a  bestselling book in three categories the same day, his podcast did fantastic, he has always been the person to defy the odds.

Book Recommendations and Parting Words

See you at the top, by Zig Ziglar 

Awaken the Giant Within, by Anthony Robbins

The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz

Joel thinks there is a need for people to be open, to be transparent about their past experiences and see the lessons there. The learning points need to be harnessed, because fair or unfair, ugly or pretty, there are lessons. So don’t hide what you have been through, share it, explore it and learn from it.

Hope, Healing, and Encouragement is the vision Joel has for his shows and sharing his experience with us. He hopes it will give encouragement for others to share.


Faith and Stroke Recovery with Reverend Ray Rose

Reverend Ray Rose

Reverend Ray suffered a stroke and had a long healing journey. In today’s interview, he answers a couple of questions:

  • How can a small measure of faith help some overcome the challenges that come with having a stroke?
  • What happens when you know the odds are not with you, to be independent again?

Even when he wanted to die, give up and call it quits, he kept going. He believes that there is so much in you that you have to give to somebody else. There is somebody else that needs you. This is the part of the emotional battle that he fought within.

What We Talk About In This Interview

This is Ray’s first time telling his story. With courage and vulnerability, he shares:

  • His experience having a stroke
  • A message from God
  • We talk about his time in the hospital and recovery
  • What it was like when he first came home
  • He shares his journey,  recovery and experience in finding what he is passionate about.
  • We talk about the impact on his family
  • The power of prayer
  • We talk about suicide, both having the will to go on and helping others see the good within themselves.

You can tune into the audio interview on the Podcast: Here

Contact Ray

Train Trestle Fall to Inspiring Speaker with Dale Spencer

Dale Spencer

 Dale slipped and fell from a railroad trestle when he was 20 years old. In a moment his life was dramatically changed. He spent two and a half months in the hospital and had to learn how to live life in a wheelchair. Dale shares his journey and how his positive thinking led him to become a speaker and deliver the important message to Think First .


Dale lives in the western suburbs of Chicago. He is a mortgage broker and a Key-note speaker, in many topics. I asked him about his religious beliefs prior to the interview, to get an idea of how they may have changed.

He was brought up Catholic and went to church every Sunday. As a kid, you don’t realize the full understanding of spirituality and faith. When it came to his injury it really put his faith to the test, as well as his family.

You can listen to the entire interview on the Podcast: Here 

Near-Death Experience

It was December or 1988. Dale was with his friends from Northern Illinois University and it was the end of his first semester, junior year.

He had to take a break from studying and they went to a local party and went on foot. They decided to take a shortcut and had to go on railroad tracks.  A very unsafe place to begin with.

He was a 20-year-old guy, wasn’t too worried, just thought they would be careful.  It was a poorly lit area, about 1 am, they were walking along the tracks, and came upon a railway trestle.

They walked across and were spread apart. Dale slipped on a railroad tie and fell about 4 stories into a river. It was only about a foot deep, and what may have saved him is the fact that he was conscious.


After Effects and Inside the Experience

Dale knew something was wrong. He opened his eyes and tried to process that one moment he was walking along the tracks, the next he was looking up at the trestle partly submerged in freezing cold water.

He jerked his back to move and had a tremendous and very acute and sharp pain going down his vertebrae, his legs were completely numb.

He couldn’t move so he yelled out to his friends. He had no idea how far away they were. He kept screaming and screaming until they were able to follow his voice and find him. He didn’t know if it was 5 minutes or an hour.

They knew not to move him and went to a nearby house and called an ambulance. The ambulance was there within minutes. They asked him some questions and knew he had a serious injury. They didn’t want to cause further damage so they collared his neck, put a flat board underneath him, picked him up slowly, put him in the ambulance and took him to the local hospital.

They couldn’t treat him at the local hospital, so they transferred him by helicopter to, North Western Memorial Hospital, downtown Chicago,  a level one trauma center.

On the way to the hospital, they checked his vitals and they were doing a skin poking test to see where he could feel. At that time, he thought that it was just a shock to his system, he thought he would get the feeling back in his legs.

He had a battery of tests, exams, and x-rays. It was conclusive that he had a spinal cord injury. It was horrific every moment he was awake, but it gave him clarity, exactly what happened to him every step of the process.

Dale believes the whole notion,  that things happen for a reason, and for the last 20 years, he has been talking to high school and middle school students about injury prevention. He takes them through the whole process of everything he went through every step of the way.

He was in the hospital for about 2 1/2 months. He had an operation right away. There are 3 sections of vertebrae that surround the spinal cord. He landed on his feet, and snapped his back forward and that t-12 sliced right into the spinal cord.

There is no cure for a spinal cord injury. The doctors didn’t want to go near it. It took nearly 11 hours for the doctors to remove the smashed vertebrae.  Listen to Dale share the procedure at 09:50.

He was taken to ICU after. He realized how important his familial and friendships were. After he was injured his best friend kind of was vapor, kind of blew him off. He tells his younger audience, “You think this is one of the most horrific things that can happen in a person’s life,  but it isn’t.”  He realized after time it was one of the best things that could have happened in his life.

He knew who supported him, who had his back, it was one of the most important life lessons he ever had.

He still feels guilty, 26 years later, for what he put these people through. He tells his students, that the decision he made caused these people to suffer.

To give back, he teaches them that our decisions have ramifications and consequences. “You have to think first and use your mind to protect your body.” His organization is called, Think First Injury Prevention.

Think First

Moving On

Dale went through rehab. The end goal was to become independent. His injury is from the hips down.  He can do everything independently except for the stairs.

He had a physical therapist, to help him build his upper body. He had lost a lot of energy and muscle mass after the injury.

The first time he put his clothes on took about 45 minutes. An occupational therapist helped him to find ways to put on socks, and shoes; now it only takes him a couple of minutes.

He learned new tasks; making a bed, opening a door, getting up a curb and many more tasks that he used to take for granted.

In 1988 the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)  law came into effect. It took some time for all the changes to take effect. Dale had a cell phone, which was a necessity for him. He would call ahead to find out if there was a disabled parking space, and if it was handicap accessible. If it was not, he would request they meet him and help him up the stairs.

Being vehemently independent,  Dale tried to problem solve these things himself to get from point A to point B. Rehab gave him the tools to help him get through these problems.

It took a couple of months to figure out and be able to resolve these situations. Things such as falling out of the wheelchair, happen rehab helped give him the tools to solve these things himself.

I asked Dale if he has always been so positive. He was very humble about taking a compliment and told me that he has always been, the glass is half full guy. In his case, a traumatic experience helped him realize what kind of motivation and perseverance you have inside you.

He tells us he has been put to the test and is still being put to the test. He takes to heart, to mind, learns from the past, but really focus on the journey in front of you.

Positivity can be infectious, Dale said. “I don’t pat myself on the back, I say,  If I can do it you can do it.”

He went through the five stages of grief: Anger, denial, depression, bargaining, and acceptance. Everyone goes through it when they have some type of trauma in their lives.

He had an underlying goal and push forward,  to get back to school, get his degree, get back to his friends and gain meaningful employment. He had moments he felt depressed, but he always kept his eye on the prize, keeping the end goal in mind.

Family and Religion

Dale’s mom wrestled with her faith after the accident. Dale tells me it was his decision, not God’s’ decision. It is easy to blame God or someone else, but Dale is fine with taking the responsibility.

The optimism helped him and others around him, to feel better about the situation and that he was moving on with his life and not obsessing about the injury.

I asked Dale to share more about his Moms’ challenge with faith. He told me there was a time that it was hard to go back to church for a while, we may think, Why would God do this?

Situations like this can also bring us closer to God and have, be stronger with our faith and our resolve, and not only how we can help ourselves but how we can help others. 

Books or Resources

Dale never read self-help books, at 20 years old, when the accident happened. Since he has been a part of, Think First Injury Prevention, it opened his eyes to the concept of paying it forward.

Dale has 60 or 70 self-help books. His morning starts with positive affirmations, he reads every morning. It keeps his mind focused and reading in the morning gives his day a good start.

His top books are: