Shot at 5 Years Young to Successful Health Coach

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Could you imagine if your child was playing in the backyard, and the next thing you know, his friend has come to get you, to let you know he has been shot?

Imagine you are in the hospital wondering if he is going to be alright. How would this affect your family and how would this affect your child? Chris shares his experience for the first time on radio, a story of hard times, strong family, healing and then a journey to help others.

I found Chris on Google, his website was ranking near the top when I was searching for something. His story took my attention from the second I saw it. Since the interview, I feel like we instantly connected; he is a strong, inspiring and deeply caring family man. I hope you enjoy his story and are inspired by it as much as I am.

Chris was playing in his backyard when he was only 5 years old.  His life memories pretty much start the day of the accident. He was swinging on the swing set and playing with a friend.

His neighbor was a Vietnam Vet, perhaps having an episode, thinking his gun was unloaded and shot his gun. It was not unloaded, and it shot, ricocheted off a trailer hitch and hit Christopher.

Thankfully Christopher’s friend ran to get help and his Dad happened to be home. He was able to resuscitate him and get him to the hospital.

Listen to the show to hear the whole story, of how Christoper recovered, the pain he endured and then the life he created. Now he is able to help others and share his story.

Christopher Hostetler is an Integrative Health Coach. He can support you with counseling on nutrition, lifestyle, and mental and physical wellness. He tailors appropriate programs to fit YOUR lifestyle. You can find him to ask a question or see if his services are what you need at:


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After overcoming a heart attack in her 30's she became a certified coach and works with Woman, Non-Profits and serves in her community.