Dilemma Mike The Fort Leavenworth Story

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The Fort Leavenworth Story

Mike served his country, was a responsible and respectable member of society until one night he made a choice that changed his life forever.  He was offered a pill; that happened to be ecstasy. He took it and his whole life changed as he knew it.

David Mike shares his story about his life before and after his visit at Fort Leavenworth.   He served his country, fell into drugs and became a drug dealer. At one point, he could see his own car on the street, outside of his prison window.

Since prison, he has become a Husband, Father, Cosmetology instructor and blogger. His story inspires forgiveness, self-love and sends a message that everyone deserves a second chance.


He heard a broadcast while being transferred prisons,  that helped him embrace faith and was able to let go of everything and forgive himself.


“If you don’t forgive your self it will be hard to accept the forgiveness of others.”


We talk about how he got into cosmetology and then started a family. He shares the secret, about what a hairdresser really does!! David shares his evolution of writing and how he has been sharing his story.





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