Cancer, Kids and Victorious Healing with Holly Boyce

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Holly was living the life she had dreamed of. She was living in her happy home, in a nice neighborhood with her happy family and then while preparing for Thanksgiving dinner, she discovered a lump the size of a ping-pong ball in her breast.
She was 30 years old and had really thought she was quite invincible in a way that most young people do. The doctor confirmed she had something in there, and in a week she had a mammogram and ultrasound.
They determined it was a mass, not a cyst, and she met with a surgeon to have it removed. They decided to biopsy it and take it out at the same time. It was Dec 23 2009 when she went in for surgery and everybody had predicted it was not cancer.
She went in with humor and asked to wake up with a DD Breast and size 0 waist!! She didn’t wake up with any of these things, but she was given a cancer diagnosis.
Hear Holly’s inspiring story here, about how she overcame cancer while raising two young children.

How To Survive Cancer With Children

Holly told me that attitude it the most important. She did feel she was in control of her attitude, and since children pick up on it so well, she changed the way she was looking at life.

Take the Help!! She didn’t want any help and thought she could do it on her own. She was forced into it a few times and ended up liking it. She realized that it gives the people who love you a way to have some control as well as they want to help you, so take it for their benefit and remember, you aren’t meant to do it all on your own!

Healing As A Community!! Holly said, “we can do everything better together.”


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