Degenerative Disc Disease And Gastric Bypass With John John Genovese

John John Genovese dreamed of living the good life of being a newlywed and starting a family. Having an early start to his working career, his life should have taken off and he should have excelled!

However, at only 27 years young, John John was walking on crutches and canes and using a wheelchair to get to the store due to Degenerate Discs Disease.

He was told back surgery was his only solution to be able to walk again. Since he was only a year into his marriage it left him struggling with wanting to provide for his wife and navigating months of medical decisions and healing.

Over time, he watched his weight creep up higher and higher making the pursuit of health even more difficult. He decided to have a gastric bypass surgery and with time, dedication and hard work, overcame his disc pain to enjoy his marriage and start a family.
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