Business Culture and Mindset with Julie Ann Sullivan

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Julie Ann Sullivan speaks about business culture and shares her journey from quitting her first job on the spot without savings or a plan to being the successful entrepreneur she is today. She has interviewed over 40 C-Suite leaders about the award-winning cultures they have created and maintained.


Julie Ann Sullivan is a business culture expert.  She knows how to retain good talent and increase productivity, problem solving and profitability.  She creates a more positive and productive environment into every organization she works with.
Julie Ann Sullivan’s diverse background gives her a unique business perspective.  She earned a BA in Psychology and an MBA in Accounting, earning the designation of CPA and spent decades involved in accounting and business functionality.  Julie Ann is a Professional member of the National Speakers Association, C-Suite Network Advisor and proud member of the SHRM Blog Squad.   She is an international best-selling author.  Her newest book titled, Blueprint for Employee Engagement, 37 Essential Elements to Influence, Innovate and Inspire, is a roadmap for the complex journey to create a best place to work.  Her next book: Catalysts of Culture – How Visionary Leaders Activate the Employee Experience, is coming in 2019.
Julie Ann also is the host the Businesses That Care Podcast, speaking to leaders on how they have created and sustain amazing business cultures.

Favorite Book

The Four Agreements

  1. Be impeccable with your word
  2. Do your best
  3. Don’t take things personally
  4. Read the book to find out!




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