Healing from PTSD with Michele Rosenthal

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Imagine taking medicine that your doctor prescribed and then suddenly finding yourself in the hospital suffering an adverse reaction, that burns two layers of your skin from your body.

Then surviving to end up having sleepless nights full of nightmares, a fear of taking medication or worse a fear dying from a reaction to anything you put in your body.

Michele had only a 30% chance of survival and after surviving she lived with PTSD for decades. She went on a healing rampage and was able to completely heal her PTSD, being symptom-free for over 10 years.

If you are living with PTSD or supporting someone who is, it may be hard to believe this is possible. Michele dedicated years of her life learning about PTSD and now helps others overcome it. By listening to this interview, or reading this blog post, my hope is it brings you a light of hope in the darkness you may be living in now.
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