12 – Chaplain Moreno, The War in Iraq, God and Healing as a Community

Honor is very important to Marines.  You always do the right thing. What happens when someone does something that is against their own moral framework?

What happens if it is so bad to them, that it affects their marriage and relationship with their kids? What happens if they view themselves as horrible people and end up caring a tremendous amount of guilt around with them?

It is critical to get rid of the guilt. We learn ways to cleanse,  remove guilt and lessen guilt on today’s show.

What happens when we want to help someone through these tough situations and it is hard for us to listen to the events that have taken place? How can we listen and how do the experts cope with these traumatic events?

It starts with finding someone to listen to you after you have listened. In this interview, we hear about how a community can help people through really difficult memories.


We are talking with Mike Moreno on the show and he talks about spirituality, the war in Iraq, and shares some topics that may be difficult for some listeners.

He is a Navy Chaplin and shares his experience with us and guides us through some of these tough questions.


  • I’ve taken a life, how does that change who and what I am?
  • The sticky wicket, Do you believe that God will protect you?
  • What makes someone feel safe?
  • Can spirituality strengthen personal resilience?
  • How does one know who and what god is?
  • What is my purpose here?
  • I did not die, what is the meaning I am going to attach to that.
  • How can you help someone after a near death experience?
  • How can we be good at listening to someone that has experienced a loss?
  • How can you share your faith, your view in a constructive way?
  • How can you listen to someone whose stories and memories make me feel sad and sick?
  • What is a moral injury?





About the author, Gina

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After overcoming a heart attack in her 30's she became a certified coach and works with Woman, Non-Profits and serves in her community.