Ending the Overwhelm and Stress with Nicole Burgess

Nicole Burgess is a licensed psychotherapist, host of Soulfilled Sisterhood podcast, and introvert empowerment coach to high achieving and sensitive professional women. She helps highly sensitive women end the overwhelm and stressed out cycle, perfectionism and find balance in their life. They go from surviving to thriving in our busy world. 
Nicole began her career in Corporate America as an accountant before she followed her true calling as a psychotherapist to empowerment coach. She helps other visionaries, non-conformists, and truth sayers reach their potential without burning out.

We learn how to reframe your thoughts:

  1. Listen to mind chatter
  2. Write the thoughts down, you can become objective and figure out where it comes from, you can ask: What story am I telling myself? Where did this thought come from? (most of the things we tell ourselves comes from before the age of 9.
  • You have to recognize it is there to be able to change it. Many women are shocked at how much they put themselves down and how negative they are in their own mind.
  • Compassion and forgiveness is the cure and you can begin to shift and change it. You can begin to love yourself and then love others.

Some Tips from Nicole:

  • We all need to be working with a therapist and or a coach. We can all benefit from working with someone that is at least one step ahead.
  • Review every day

-What are your wins? What worked really well?

Money Mindset

Anyone can learn it! Some woman do not ask for a raise, if they have their own business, they don’t raise their rates and may not keep good track of their money. There is a lot of shame around not knowing and you really, truly can learn!

A money mindset is being aware of what you are telling yourself, what your limiting beliefs are. Then, taking steps, knowing that it is ok to not know and then take little steps towards it.

Listen to the podcast interview above or on your fav. smartphone app to hear the whole interview.

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Wyred to Win with James Newcomb

“This too shall pass” is a powerful quote we hear when going through a storm in life. Our guest today is in the middle of one and instead of postponing the interview, he shared with us from a place of vulnerability and truth. What do you do when you feel like a failure? How do you move forward?

James shares his walk through these questions and the balance between waiting and taking action. We will dive deep into the mindset of overcoming the paralyzing effects of feeling like a  failure and how to move forward to embrace a mindset that we are Wyred to win?

Some topics that we will cover are:

Divorce, starting a podcast, wisdom form interviewing many musicians and successful artists and more. Check out the entire interview above or on your favorite podcast app.

James Newcomb is a father, musician, podcaster, and entrepreneur.

Jame’s Morning Routine

  1. Turns on the light and burner to make his Kion coffee
  2. Counts to 300 while waiting for the water to boil
  3. Makes coffee in a french press and opens up the Bible
  4. Reads bible gateway on the app on his phone. He reads the featured scripture and the whole chapter. He then reads the Tora followed by the Proverb.
  5. He reads from a success type book
  6. Walks on the beach when the sun is out or exercises
  7. By 8:00 he is ready to go and gives himself the first and best hour of the day to devote to his business
  8. Edits and produces podcasts for most to the day
  9. Practices
  10.  When his son is home he exercises indoors and sometimes with his son sitting on his back as a weight as he does pushups. They plank together.

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When A Child Attempts Their Life with Anna Milne

Suicide rates continue to rise and it has been estimated that it is the second leading cause of death in teens. Although it is all too common it is not often spoken about and it can be difficult to find support if you have a teen that has attempted to take their life. There is often a stigma attached to what it means to have a child try to take their own life and also the fact that society seems to only deal with things when it is too late.

Anna has been through this and due to the lack of support ended up shifting her entire career to create that support as well as be available to support her daughter. She faced one of the worst events that a parent can when her daughter attempted to take her own life. She shares her story openly and vulnerable today and lives her life to empower Moms.

Welcome to the Synergy Mindset Coaching Podcast. We share inspiring stories and expert advice to help you with your daily personal growth to achieve the life you desire. I am your host and certified life coach Gina Johnson.

Anna Milne is your lifeline thrown out to support you in the midst of the storm; pulling you back to shore away from the guilt, overwhelm and towards peace and calm. Flourishing Moms was created for moms to have a place to go, to learn, grow and not Survive but to  Flourish.

Anna is a trained Child, Youth and Family Counsellor, and Life Coach who has years of experience working with families all around the world. Her focus changed from Children to working with Moms out of her own need of support while walking through her youngest daughters suicide attempt.  She is that much-needed spark of light in the midst of that at times overwhelming Chaos.
She shares the story of how they healed as a family and how she overcame feelings of guilt. Listen to the interview by clicking on the player to hear the whole story. She speaks to the heart of a parent, in saying, “it is not your fault”.
Favorite Book: The Four Agreements 
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Mindset Monday with Terri Fry

Do you ever tire from hearing about how positive you should always be while juggling all that life demands each day? There is a time for positivity and reality that there are negative things that happen, we must acknowledge, feel and move through. That is what Terri, podcast host of Mom Like that, wife and working Mother has come to share.

Today we deep dive into the life of a working Mom, mindset and how to be real in a world of pseudo-happiness. We learn about how to set a schedule at the beginning of the week, have grace when things go wrong and all about self-care.

Terri is the Mom of a 3 and 5-year-old boy, wife and currently in the transition of a new career. She is a podcast host and has a passion to bring different motherhood perspectives together.

Some key takeaways:

  1. How do you keep feeling that you are growing? You can ask yourself these questions.
  • What did I achieve this week?
  • Where did I fail this week?
  • How can I improve upon?

2. How having self-care allows us to give back more to others and be there for our family.

3. Allowing yourself to feel sad, to hurt, to be a little bit miserable for a short time is helpful to your happiness.

4. How to set a schedule at the beginning of each week and have grace for it’s unfolding.

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Heart for Jesus with Mike Stone

Today we take a deep dive into the scripture and talk about having a renewed mind, forgiveness and Grace. Mike is a serial entrepreneur with a passion to share the Grace of Jesus.

He co-hosts the Grace Coach Podcast with Kevin Smith and after finding it over the holidays, I reached out to ask him to share with you. Today we cover the following topics:

  • How his heart for Jesus helps him as a business owner.
  • How Jesus offers us forgiveness for our sins, grace and unconditional love.
  • How we renew our minds as you will hear in Romans.

Favorite Book and Podcast

The interview is available on the Podcast: Here 

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Second Chances with Rhonda Britten

Rhonda Britten shares a story that takes most peoples breath away. Today she is here to share the story of how her childhood was taken away in a moment when her father murdered her mother in front of her. The years between him taking his own life after to appearing on Oprah and sharing her story for the first time were difficult. She engaged in self-destructive behavior and built walls to keep people from getting to close.

She has dedicated her life to helping people become fearless and is a Master Coach. One of the skills she teaches us how to listen to a difficult story.  Today she is brave, courageous and vulnerable and opens a window for us to walk along with her on her journey of healing.

When Rhonda was only 14 her father murder her Mother and then shot himself.  The whole story unfolds in the podcast episode that you can listen to the Podcast here. Liste Here

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The Mindset to Socialize Alcohol Free with James Swanwick

Have you ever had one too many drinks at a social event and suffered from that regret of having said or done something that you only wish you could take back? I had the privilege of having James Swanwick stop by for the second time to share some great stories about how people are having fun and enjoying the Christmas season without the hangovers, regrets or alcohol.

We dive into his expertise in helping people sleep better, find more clarity, focus, energy and even make more money. If you would like to hear his story from the first interview you can find it here: James

James Swanwick is an Australian-American investor, entrepreneur, speaker, former SportsCenter anchor on ESPN, host of The James Swanwick Show podcast and the author of The 30 Day No Alcohol Challenge. Forbes listed James as one of 25 Professional Networking Experts to Watch.

James quit drinking alcohol in 2010 and hasn’t touched it since. His life radically transformed and he has had a lot of success since. His life is about positive mindset and positive health habits and he has created businesses around them.

We talk about failure, staying positive after a failure, the 30 day, no alcohol challenge, sleep and how his new product, Swannies blue light blocking glasses are improving lives. You can hear the entire interview here and be sure to check out the first where he shares his own personal story.



Listen to the podcast interview: Here