Heart for Jesus with Mike Stone

Today we take a deep dive into the scripture and talk about having a renewed mind, forgiveness and Grace. Mike is a serial entrepreneur with a passion to share the Grace of Jesus.

He co-hosts the Grace Coach Podcast with Kevin Smith and after finding it over the holidays, I reached out to ask him to share with you. Today we cover the following topics:

  • How his heart for Jesus helps him as a business owner.
  • How Jesus offers us forgiveness for our sins, grace and unconditional love.
  • How we renew our minds as you will hear in Romans.

Favorite Book and Podcast

The interview is available on the Podcast: Here 

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Second Chances with Rhonda Britten

Rhonda Britten shares a story that takes most peoples breath away. Today she is here to share the story of how her childhood was taken away in a moment when her father murdered her mother in front of her. The years between him taking his own life after to appearing on Oprah and sharing her story for the first time were difficult. She engaged in self-destructive behavior and built walls to keep people from getting to close.

She has dedicated her life to helping people become fearless and is a Master Coach. One of the skills she teaches us how to listen to a difficult story.  Today she is brave, courageous and vulnerable and opens a window for us to walk along with her on her journey of healing.

When Rhonda was only 14 her father murder her Mother and then shot himself.  The whole story unfolds in the podcast episode that you can listen to the Podcast here. Liste Here

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The Mindset to Socialize Alcohol Free with James Swanwick

Have you ever had one too many drinks at a social event and suffered from that regret of having said or done something that you only wish you could take back? I had the privilege of having James Swanwick stop by for the second time to share some great stories about how people are having fun and enjoying the Christmas season without the hangovers, regrets or alcohol.

We dive into his expertise in helping people sleep better, find more clarity, focus, energy and even make more money. If you would like to hear his story from the first interview you can find it here: James

James Swanwick is an Australian-American investor, entrepreneur, speaker, former SportsCenter anchor on ESPN, host of The James Swanwick Show podcast and the author of The 30 Day No Alcohol Challenge. Forbes listed James as one of 25 Professional Networking Experts to Watch.

James quit drinking alcohol in 2010 and hasn’t touched it since. His life radically transformed and he has had a lot of success since. His life is about positive mindset and positive health habits and he has created businesses around them.

We talk about failure, staying positive after a failure, the 30 day, no alcohol challenge, sleep and how his new product, Swannies blue light blocking glasses are improving lives. You can hear the entire interview here and be sure to check out the first where he shares his own personal story.



Listen to the podcast interview: Here 

Back from Heaven’s Front Porch with Danny Bader

Life is a gift and at any moment can be taken from us. It is a miracle that our guest today is alive and here to share his amazing story. He brings hope in the darkest of places and wisdom he learned from a difficult journey.

Danny Bader is a best-selling author, inspirational coach, a member of the Elite Catholic Speakers Organization, CatholicSpeakers.com, and he has an inspiring Instagram page. He has worked with some of the biggest organizations in the nation and has delivered over 10,000 hours inspiring others to live their best life. His purpose of sharing his time with us today is to tell us about how a near-death experience transformed his life.

Life Today

Danny Bader lives outside of Philadelphia Pennsylvania with his wife and three children. He spends time with his family, travels, works, goes to the beach, runs and works out a little bit.

 Second Chance Story

  • Take us to the moment in time that you would consider the worst moment of your second chance story and tell us the STORY. We’ll share what you learned.

Danny was in an accident before he was 29 years old. He and his friend were lowering a ladder and tragically and certainly mistakenly hit an electrical line that had 8-10,000 volts of electricity in it. It came down the metal ladder and went into their bodies and killed his friend Bruce that day. Bruce was a great father of 3 a husband and only 36 years old.

Danny had an experience of peace and knew he was dying or dead. His soul, spirit, life force, energy (whatever you want to call it), left his body. He absolutely believes now that when our human bodies stop working, there is a part of us that continues on. He called his book, Back from Heaven’s Front Porch, because he had an experience of that but he knew he had further to go, he explains that experience as being on Heaven’s front porch, and then he was back in his body. It was the strangest experience he has had and not of this world.

He crawled over and helped the other brother Stew, and he was trying to help Bruce. He asked him how he was here? Danny took his boots off because his feet were killing him. He took off his boots and socks and feet had little holes in them. There was not any blood because the electricity cauterized them.

Stew came over and asked Danny what happened. Danny told him he must have hit a wire and Stew said he knew. Danny said he saw him coming down the ladder and was yelling at him to get his brother.  Stew said that he had not said anything, that Stew had rolled him over and given him CPR and tried to save him, given up and thought he was dead. He left Danny to try and save his brother Bruce. Danny was without oxygen for 7-8 minutes, this is a lot longer than the human brain can live. He doesn’t know if there is a medical reason he is here.

The Second Chance Story came after that because he went into a dark place, he wouldn’t let anyone help him, he was experiencing Survivors Guilt.

  1. The Turn Around Point
  • Take us to the moment in time of an incredible turnaround point you’ve experienced and tell us the STORY. We’ll explore the steps you took or the faith you used to walk your journey.

He came out of a bar after drinking way too much, went into a phone booth and phoned his Mom. She asked him when he was coming home and said they couldn’t wait to see him.  This changed his life direction. He had made plans to engage in an act of self-destruction and be done with it all. With tears in his eyes and a lump in his throat he told her he would come in a few days.

Something inside him shifted and he asked a question, “I wonder what it’s gonna be like when I get better?”

He got up the next day and began to make the trip to see his Mom, it wasn’t all better but it was certainly the turn around point.

  1. A Closer Look
  • What about you changed from this experience?

Faith is belief without proof and this gave him a little bit of proof. It got him focused on life and being really alive and engaging in this life.

  • What wisdom would you share you gained?

He went to a Coaching School and had a final project to complete that was to make a model of principles. He reflected on the accident and realized that after what he wanted most was to be happy and live a fulfilling life. He asked what creates more happiness and fulfillment for himself and others. He put his spin on some basic principles that have been around for thousands of years.

He came up with 5 principles he calls Jackrabbit.

  • Share one of your personal habits that contributed to overcoming this.

Planning the year as if it had already happened. Shifting his thinking to be useful and moving him forward. You can listen to the entire interview on Apple Podcast or on this page to hear the whole story.

  • Share a resource, like a podcast or a book, that you couldn’t have made it without.

Man’s Search for Meaning 

He also recommends Wayne Dyre and Robin Sharma’s books as well as

The Travelers Gift

 Grand Finale

  • Every day is a second chance to create, trust and be thankful for this wonderful gift of life.

Parting piece of guidance:

  • If you are not already, practice vision. Pretend you are going to be talking with Gina or Danny and telling us about the last 6 months of your life. What was it like, what did you accomplish?
  • Get really tight with your email and to do list. “Get cleaned up at a tactical level”, practice gratitude, pay attention to what is bigger and greater than us.


Music credit with gratitude to Scott Holmes. Song Innovative Corporate  scottholmesmusic.com URL: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Scott_Holmes/Corporate__Motivational_Music