Reverend Ray Rose Stroke Survivor

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How can a small measure of faith help some overcome the challenges that come with having a stroke?

What happens when you know the odds are not with you, to be independent again? Today we talk with Reverend Ray.

Even when he wanted to die, give up and call it quits, he kept going. He believes that there is so much in you that you have to give to somebody else. There is somebody else that needs you. This is the part of the emotional battle that he fought within.

This is his first time telling his story, and he shares a message that,



What We Talk About In This Interview


  • Ray shares his experience of having a stroke
  • He shares a message from God
  • We talk about his time in the hospital and recovery
  • What it was like when he first came home
  • He shares his journey along his recovery and finding what he is passionate about
  • We talk about the impact on his family
  • The power of prayer
  • We talk about suicide, both having the will to go on and helping others see the good within themselves.


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