Healing from Cancer, a Harley and Nature with Noel

Could you imagine putting off a medical checkup for three years while trying to support your wife and family? Then finding out you have cancer and it is serious.

Imagine fighting it until you don’t feel that you have anything left to give, surgery, chemo, radiation, an Ostomy, and sickness……… then losing your wife to divorce. Most of us fear cancer, fear the struggle that comes with sickness and for good reason, cancer kills.

Noel shares his story for the first time, the good and the bad, the raw truth. His life today is inspiring, offers hope that healing and happiness are possible. Find out how he healed from cancer and went on to work a full-time job, ride a Harley and find a life of camping and enjoying nature.

Noel lost both his parents and his step-mother of cancer, his childhood friend of 40 years to Leukaemia as well as his friends’ son. He has a lot of wisdom on cancer as well as his own experience with it.

You can hear the entire audio interview on the Podcast: Here 

Noel’s 12-year-old son was hit by an RV and put on life support. They chose as a family not to donate his body parts to others, and he died. Now Noel is helping other people by encouraging them to keep on going.

I asked him if he has a lot of anger, and he said it is more like a depression. He goes in it for a while when someone criticizes him but he is overcoming it victoriously.

He said people tried keeping him down and it was a struggle to keep his positive outlook. He hopes this interview encourages others to fight on in the battle of life as well as if you get an Ostomy.


The faith of the Lord helped Noel. He was told during chemo that faith helps, they don’t know why they just know it does. Noel loves God.

Noel was asked by his friend that passed away from Leukaemia how he kept his head up and kept going. Noel said God wants him to keep going so he keeps on going.

To this day, Noel worries about his two children. He lost a sibling when he was young and knows how it feels. He has faith God will take care of him.

Noel shoved his appointments off for two years even though he was bleeding from his backside. Had he gone sooner, the Cancer would not have spread to his lymphoids.

He had 36 treatments of Chemotherapy, 36 days of radiation straight and halfway through it dropped him. He prayed to God to help him out and didn’t know if it would get any better.

He found himself crying on the bathroom floor alone. (Second Chancer’s this comes up a lot on the show. The people we thought would support often can’t)

Noel tells us his kids didn’t support him then and although things didn’t work out in his marriage, he encouraged them to be with their Mother. As Noel lost his Mom at 19 he wanted his kids to have their Mom.

He lost contact for 6 years with his kids, but now they are in his life and they accept him as he is.

Biking and Photography

Noel is a biker and he loves to ride.  He rode for 9 hours to sleep under the great starry sky, then drove back 9 hours. He loves to camp, fish and take photos of animals and nature. Here is a beautiful picture he sent us of Gooseberry Falls!

6 Ostomy Tips and Hacks

  1. Education, Noel attends fairs, cancer meetings and reads up on products
  2. Using pouches for work and outings with filters when necessary
  3. Eat nutritiously and keep your weight down
  4. Plan your meals around your activities leaving lots of time after you eat
  5. Learn the foods you can eat and the ones you can blend
  6. Budget for medical expenses

*Noel shared a very vulnerable story to show us that accidents happen. When he was in a gas station washroom his bag spilled on the floor. He offered to clean it up, but the attendant did.

Accidents will happen, and that is ok. Thank God for Grace!!


Guest Post – Prayer Can Have a Positive Impact on Your Health

2017-03-09 10:00:03

Prayer Can Have a Positive Impact on Your Health

Photo via Pixabay by ReenaBlack


A vast majority of people all over the world pray and practice some form of religion or spirituality.  It is a practice that researchers are studying more, and finding that not only does it bring peace, but may have some important health benefits as well.


Prayer is a stress fighter.  It can help you relax by influencing your state of mind.  Praying is a calming practice that helps you reach out to God and beyond yourself, sharing burdens instead of carrying them alone.  When you are calm, the effects of stress on several body organs, including your heart, are reduced.  Chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension, migraines, ulcers and heart disease can all be attributed to too much stress.


Other studies have found that people who pray have quicker recovery times after injuries and surgeries.  Praying promotes a more optimistic outlook even through sickness and injury.  If your body doesn’t have to deal with worry and stress, it can focus all of its efforts fully on healing.


Prayer can be a contributing factor in making you a better person.  Prayer can give you focus and perspective,  making you more humble and less greedy for material things.  Instead of focusing solely on yourself, praying can help you think about others and become more empathetic.  Practicing prayer in a church setting can help you feel more accountable to others as well.


Many times prayer is also used as a coping mechanism during difficult times.  People use prayer to help them overcome obstacles and deal with stressful circumstances in their life, such as recovering from addiction.   Praying can remind you that there is something beyond the here and now, offering hope and a chance for better days.


Praying regularly can also boost levels of dopamine and make you happier.  It can bring peace and tranquility when you take quiet moments to pray for others.  This practice can help you feel proactive, doing something for someone else and caring about their well being.  True happiness always comes from doing for others, not just for yourself.


One of the greatest benefits of prayer is its ability to help you live longer.  Spirituality and prayer minimize the symptoms of stress and anxiety, thereby  allowing your body to heal and age more efficiently.  With improved immunity, your body can fend off diseases more easily as you age.


Prayer only works for your mind and your health with an active faith and belief system in a loving, gracious, and forgiving God.  The sense of value and purpose you will receive in such a relationship is what drives the positive outlook on life.  When you think in more positive terms, you will develop a buffer from depression, stress, and anxiety.  You will also value yourself more due to the perception that God cares about you as you are, and be less likely to engage in risky or unhealthy behaviors.  Pray more and worry less – your body will thank you for it!

This is a Guest Post written by Jennifer Scott. You can read more of her articles or get to know more about her at:







About Gina

About Gina

When I was 34 years old I had a heart attack and spent five days in the hospital. I had three children between the ages of 2 and 13 years and hadn’t realized the journey I was about to go through would be challenging.

For 18 months I experienced daily chest pains that were a mystery.  My employer and disability company thought it was mental health issues and I was not able to work until I found a very skilled cardiologist. She diagnosed me with Vaso-Spastic Angina and the career I had known for nearly a decade came to a permanent end.

By the end of this journey, some beautiful things had evolved. I had built an international podcast, overcome anxiety and learned how to manage stress. Having had the privilege to interview many successful people that had overcome tremendous obstacles and been given a second chance in life inspired me a great deal and allowed me to help others just beginning their journey.

Earl Nightingale said we must first define what success means to us and described it as, “The progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal.”

Seeing how many of the people I interviewed were life coaches introduces me to the world of helping others. I decided to become a certified life coach and start my own business. Today I help professionals and businesses to live lives they love, sleep better, think clearer and experience less stress and anxiety.

Overcoming Cancer to Running the Boston Marathon

Bruce Van Horn

Have you ever felt as if life has handed you too many problems and felt like you would never be able to break away from the darkness? Perhaps you have lost a child, and understand what it is like to live with heart-wrenching grief, end up with bills that are more than you can deal with, and then have your marriage come to an end. Perhaps you have had cancer and been through the battle, with children depending on you to raise them.

I would like to welcome our guest, Bruce Van Horn from Life Is A Marathon

Bruce tells us that he was referred to as Eeyore because he was a pessimistic down person. He came to a place where he needed to end his life or change his life. He needed to do some radical things and he chose change after healing from Cancer. You can hear the whole audio interview on the Podcast: Here

His brother came to run the Richmond Marathon and Bruce went to watch with his then 7-year-old.  It was boring but over dinner, his older brother told him he should run marathons. He laughed at him!!

At the time, Bruce worked at home, lived in an amazing community and mostly everything he needed was a 5-minute drive away. He never drove 26.2 miles unless going on vacation,  so he couldn’t imagine wanting to run it. He never thought that he would enjoy training for it, and his brother told him something that changed his life,  “The hardest part about running a marathon is making the decision to try it!”

It gnawed at him for a couple of sleepless weeks, and he thought about it. He wasn’t fat but knew he was out of shape and about 20 lbs overweight, so he decided to try to get into shape and joined the YMCA!!!

He set a goal to jog, (not run)  1 mile on a treadmill without walking, and although it was difficult, he made it. (it took him over a month at a couple of days a week.) He didn’t think he could do it and did get frustrated but kept at it!!

The day he did it, something in him snapped.  Less than a week later he ran 2 miles on a treadmill. Then he ran a 5 k in the neighbourhood, then a 10 k and then he heard his brother’s voice again and made the decision to train for a marathon.

Less than a year later, in November of  2006 he ran the Richmond Marathon. (Yeah!!! Insert Cheer)  His brother came back to run with him and he beat his brother, by about 45 minutes !!

Running the marathon changed his life! He was a victim and that guy that talked about all their problems. He had problems and blamed others for them.  He had many problems, finance, relationship, being in a job he didn’t like, an overweight and out of shape problem……but it occurred to him that he didn’t have all these problems….   he only had one problem……..  he had a thinking problem, and attitude problem a negative self-talk problem.

A marathon runner can not run a marathon with any type of self-talk. That is the first thing that needs to change.

He found out that running a marathon is 90% mental and 10% physical. If you get the mind right, the mind will tell the body what to do.

It wasn’t until he changed his thoughts about himself, took 100% responsibility for what happened in his life and changed the thoughts about the stories he told himself, his life was able to change.

People began to ask him questions, he started writing this stuff down, and then someone else asked him to be his life coach, and he ended up becoming a life coach.

We talked a little about running, and I shared my own struggle with thinking and running over 10k, I then asked him to share the story about what he has achieved recently, but first…..

Bruce tells us about the biggest struggle he has had…..and had he faced them prior to his transformation, he would not be here today….he would have committed suicide.

In the last year, he has battled severe cancer and gotten divorced. In February of 2014 Bruce was at the top of his game.  He had just turned 50 and was in the process of writing 3 books, his twitter was crazy with 350,000 followers and his blog was doing great. His coaching career was thriving and life was good.

Then his doctor called him and told him he had advanced prostate cancer. It was stage 4 cancer, and although there were alternative treatment methods, he didn’t really have time for them and had to act now. Bruce shares the story about the whole procedure, which may or may not cause some queasiness and empathy, you can hear the recording of the interview for all the details: Here

A year after his surgery he ran the Boston Marathon!!!

This was a bucket list item for Bruce!! He was able to get a bib for a spot on a charity team thank you to a twitter connection and raised money for charity. It is a goal for him to qualify and run Boston again!!

I asked him for tips for anyone going through cancer surgery in the future. He told us,

#1 Be real with yourself – allow yourself to feel the feelings because what you resist persists

#2 Be aware everything about your reality is ultimately a perception of your reality 

#3 Practice Mindfulness

We really only have right now, all we have is this minute. He had to remind himself not to spend too much time in the past of the future. “The only story you can rewrite is the one that moves us forward.”

He ended up putting his coaching on hold, the books he was writing and having others help out to meet his boys needs. He ended up writing a different book, the will be coming available soon.