How To Answer Why Did This Happen To Me? with Aaron Keith Hawkins

Aaron was a Police Chief, Husband and Father when he experienced a close call with death. After realizing he could have suffered a heart attack, mini-stroke or aneurism he experienced a change in his life. He shares his journey through more than a decade of personal growth and a shift from surviving to now living an intentional life that is thriving.

Throughout his career, he was often asked, “Why did this happen to me”?  He shares his experience answering this for himself as well as how he helped others navigate through this process to understanding. Listen: Here




A Trip To The Hospital

Aaron’s life direction was changed in one night when he woke up in pain. He had realized in about 10 seconds that he couldn’t walk it off and had a light bulb moment in the realization that his family may possibly find him on the floor in the morning.

He asked his wife to call 911 just before collapsing to the floor. At the moment he was checking out, he experienced a wave of regret as if someone slapped him across the head and told him to look at all the missed opportunities he had experienced. Aaron made a promise to God that if he let him live, he would change.

After a short stay in the hospital, Aaron was allowed to go home. They sent him for testing for a couple of weeks and he did receive a full recovery in his health. In the end, he was not given a certain diagnosis although they suspected he experienced a mini-stroke.


He felt guilty when he came to the realization that he had been coasting through life instead of thriving through it. Aaron found it difficult to shake off the regret he felt. He didn’t know what he needed to do differently and that was the beginning of a decade long journey through personal development. He had felt that something changed and knew he needed to take a step in a different direction. The biggest changes he made were

  • Moving from living life to fit into living life to impact others and for his loved ones
  • Going back to school and finishing his Graduate Degree in leadership
  • Reading Tony Robbins, Unleash the Power Within
  • Began reading books in Personal Development, Human Performance and Motivational Development.

“When I changed the way I started showing up in the world it really changed the way I felt about myself, the level of gratitude that I had for the people around me and my perspective about what I was influencing in my life.”

 The more he learned about the world of Personal Development, Motivational Theory and Human Needs Theory, the more he learned it and applied the changes relationships evolved in

  • Career
  • The relationship with his wife
  • His relationship with his daughter
  • Friends.

Being in Law Enforcement allowed Aaron to use everything he was learning every day. It increased the success he had helping others. His position allowed him to deal with people on what could have been their worst day ever.

Light Bulb Moment

One day Aaron’s Wife asked him what he loved about his job. He realized that he loved teaching. He loved getting someone from point A to point Z. It was a lightbulb moment that he needed to teach others from his learning. He took the following steps

  • Picked up Brendan Burchard’s book
  • Built a website
  • Recorded a Podcast episode
  • Stepped out of his comfort zone, terrified for each first
  • Coached someone
  • Began doing Social Media on his own

Using what he went through, he encourages his clients to share something that scares them and tells them to go do it.

Aaron knew his Law Enforcement career was coming to an end and began to really grow his Social Media, website and podcast. Today he helps people get clients using LinkedIn and now has somewhere around 15k followers.

Hitting The Wall

If you have had something happen in your life that has left you feeling like you hit a wall Aaron shares some advice. Choose why you think it happened. He believes that we get to assign the reason and meaning to what has happened and no one can tell us it is right or wrong. If you have hit a wall

  • Decide what the meaning is
  • Decide why it happened.
  • Don’t let anyone tell you if it is right or wrong
  • Make it a good reason.

The Fear of Public Speaking

Aaron has a physical reaction each time he presents a key-note. Just like riding a roller coaster, there is a fine line between fear and exhilaration. He feels safer working on a Swat team than standing on a stage. He tells us he is never safer than when he is with his team.

Despite his workplace success he still experiences the physical fear when he begins speaking including, a racing heart and sweaty hands.

Favourite Book:

Man’s Search for Meaning by Dr. Victor Frankyl

Favourite Podcast:

The Brendon Show by Brendon Burchard

Aaron’s Bio:

“Aaron Keith Hawkins is the inspirational author of Million Dollar Influence, a leadership keynote speaker, podcast host, LinkedIn sales trainer, and influence expert. He thrives on helping others improve their business and personal lives by mastering the skill of authentic influence, personal leadership, and value-based decision making.

Aaron completed his graduate studies at the University of Oklahoma where he majored in Administrative Leadership with a focus on Professional Coaching. He’s also honoured to be a rare alumnus of the invitation-only FBI National Academy in Quantico, Virginia. In addition to being an entrepreneur, Aaron spent over 2 decades as a public servant, serving as a Police Captain in his New Jersey community. He and his wife of 23 years currently live in New Jersey with their 13 year old daughter.”


Vision with Geoff Hughes

Life is full of twists and turns and ups and downs. For our guest today, there has been no exception. He shares the story of his life; from being raised by a Single-Mother on Welfare to becoming an unfulfilled millionaire to his current life that is filled with a successful business and family.

He tells us how he bought his Porche 911, the car he had always dreamed of. However, having a home and becoming a Millionaire was not fulfilling. Geoff shares his journey through the realization that the vision he had created for his life didn’t include happiness.

Through this journey, he shares how he was able to create a deep and meaningful vision for his life and see it come to fruition.

Topics Discussed:

  • How to create a deep vision for your life
  • Changing your sub-conscience mind
  • Finding success with meaning in your life

In this interview with Jeff you will find out how he created the life of his dreams and some tips on how you can too. You can listen to the whole Podcast interview: Here 

Resources Mentioned:



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Miracle of ​Mindset with Dave Sanderson

Dave Sanderson

When US Airways Flight 1549, or “The Miracle on the Hudson,” ditched into the Hudson River on January 15, 2009, Dave Sanderson knew he was exactly where he was supposed to be.

The last passenger off the back of the plane on that fateful day, he was largely responsible for the well-being and safety of others, risking his own life in frigid water to help other passengers off the plane.

Despite the hazards to himself, Sanderson thought only of helping others and emerged from the wreckage with a mission: to encourage others to do the right thing.

That experience profoundly changed his life and today he travels the globe sharing his inspirational and motivational leadership messages to help people make a difference in how they do business and live their lives. #MomentsMatter You can listen to the audio interview on the Podcast: Here

Dave is an inspirational survivor, speaker, and author. His thoughts on leadership have made him an internationally sought-out speaker.

Put on That Plane

The day of the plane crash Dave called the travel agent and moved his 5:00 flight with a first class seat to flight 1549 so he could get home to see his wife and his four kids earlier. Everybody including Dave was put on that plane for a reason.

There was nothing unusual that day and Dave was one of the first people to get on the plane because of his status with the airway, he was chairman and flew very often. He got on the plane and paid no attention to anything but his reading but shortly after, they hit the birds.

He tells us that the first miracle was that there was only one loud boom and everyone thought that only one engine was lost. He could see the smoke out his window and had thought that the plane would make it back to La Guardia.

 This is your captain brace for impact…………….

No one survives a plane crash…. This is what Dave thought as the plane went down and he watched out the window to see when his last seconds would be.

The hit was hard, Doreen the flight attendant and the people in the back took the biggest hit. He gives her a lot of credit because she kept her wits about her even when someone opened the back door and let the water in. With 30+ years of experience her training kicked in and she made a big difference.

The person that opened the plane did what everyone is told to do, find the nearest exit and what is so fascinating, is that if the captain did what he was told to do,  Dave wouldn’t be telling this story today.

I watched the movie Sully and it had me at the edge of my seat. They did an amazing job of making one feel as if they were there and I was so charged and excited to share Dave’s story for you.


“If you do the right thing God will take care of you”.

Dave heard his mom say, “If you do the right thing God will take care of you”. His mom had passed away in 1997 but he heard her say this and that’s why he waited in the back of the plane to make sure everyone else got out. Once he knew everyone was off the plane he got off himself.

When I asked him if he waited for everyone to get out, he responded with humbleness and said not for everyone, just the people in the back. The back was dark and filling up with freezing cold water. As he stepped over floating luggage he couldn’t tell what it was.

He waited, in waist deep  36-degree water, because there was no room for him to get onto the wing. They waited about 6 minutes for help.


The first responders were the real hero’s Dave tells us. The ferries were cued up for the days’ work, and New York WaterWays, Arthur E. Imperatore, made the decision to give up their revenue stream that day to help rescue everyone off the plane. This is why help came so quickly and turned a tragedy into a miracle. He tells us first responders, aqua guys, fireman, the crew, the passengers and the pilot’s decision make it a real miracle.

The Baby

My daughter and I were so touched by the baby in the movie. In the movie, they showed the lady pass her baby to a male passenger to brace the baby for impact and it was so scary. I asked Dave if the baby was real and he shared that everyone came together to make sure the baby was safe. He tells us the Mom had a three-year-old as well as a baby and she was standing frozen in place in the middle of the plane wing.

Dave worked for Tony Robbins for about 10 years as head of security, he learned a lot of things about how to get attention so he yelled, “Throw the baby”. He knew she wouldn’t but it would be radical enough to get her attention and it did! Someone asked her to pass the baby to the lifeboat and Mom and children made it in safe. She sent Dave a package with a picture of her baby when she was 3 years old and a thank you.  Dave told us that everyone pulled together to make sure that even if no one survived that that baby was going to survive.

Post-Traumatic Growth Syndrome (PTG)

Why do some people get PTSD and others experience Post-Traumatic Growth? Dave was asked this question and he has been really looking into this. He will be giving a TED talk called Jolt and sharing how you can use your own personal experience to go up. The movie shows quite vividly what PTSD looks like as the Capitan of the plane would see troubling images over and over again.

Dave has had the opportunity to speak to people after traumatic events such as; Hurricane Sandy, Oklahoma tornadoes and folks in the military that go through tragedy all the time. He shares about mindset; how to manage your mind, how to ask yourself the proper questions, and how to go up instead of down after these events.


Jesus had some rough days, every day wasn’t pixie dust and sunshine, he had some rough days! He went to pray to God and Dave tells us that faith is important to him. Asking for your greater beings help is important and God was all over the plane crash.

There was a lady at the back of the plane saying the Lord’s prayer. If they didn’t all survive it reminded them they were going to a greater place than this.

What Changed?

Dave changed how he prioritized his time. His father was always gone providing for the family and Dave realized he was doing the same. After the plane crash, he realized what his kids really wanted was his time. He now schedules his time around family events.

He left his company and started his own.   Now his time revolves around family events instead of family events fitting in around his company.

In closing, not everyone experiences a plane crash, yet nearly everyone experiences a traumatic event in their life that Dave calls, your own personal plane crash. His time is in high demand and I feel blessed he took the time to share his story on the podcast for all of us. I believe that is because he believes we can all turn our own personal plane crash into a second chance. You can find out more about how by following him on Linkedin, twitter, facebook or by reading his book, Moments Matter. buy it here and get a signed copy from Dave himself.